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Bespoke Part Manufacturing

We welcome requests for custom parts and one-off metal solutions for  various ideas, invention products, or situations that may arise.   Simply give us your drawings, or have a chat with our engineers who can help design it with you.
If it can be made - it will be made!

A classic example is the Manly Hydrant.
A customer approached us from a hotel, that when built, the fire hydrant was down too low in the shore.

Our team analysed the problem, produced some drawings, and produced the Manly Hydrant.   This device screws onto the existing 'deep' or 'inaccessible' hydrant, and extends it up to a workable height.

These are now to be seen all over this hotels chain, and are in use by the Fire Brigade on a daily basis.   So if you have a design or a prototype, let the team at E&G Manly turn it into a working model, or finished item.